Bridal: Becca | Notre Dame, Indiana - Makeup by Keria

Bridal: Becca | Notre Dame, Indiana

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Last year I was able to work with Shelby Chari Photography were I was able to meet bride Becca.

RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-98 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-88 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-199 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-186 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-170 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-162 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-153 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-139 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-123 RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-111 RCR_SCP_3_0523_2015-41.jpg RCR_SCP_3_0523_2015-38.jpg RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-375.jpg RCR_SCP_1_0523_2015-372.jpg


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