Makeup Review: e.l.f. Essential vs. e.l.f. Studio Makeup Brushes - Makeup by Keria

Makeup Review: e.l.f. Essential vs. e.l.f. Studio Makeup Brushes

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Every once in a while someone asks what makeup brush brand would I use on a budget, my recommendation would be e.l.f. Makeup Brushes. I personally have a few e.l.f. brushes in my kit and today I’m going to discuss the difference between e.l.f. Essential and e.l.f. Studio brushes. Both e.l.f. brushes can be found at Target, Meijer, Hardings (in Niles, MI), Martin’s, and a few other stores. I was recently told that Big Lots carries them now as well and of course there is always the e.l.f. website too. Below is a side by side comparison of the two types, white is Essential and the black is the studio.

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photo 1

The e.l.f. Essential brushes retail for $1

photo 2

I’ve noticed with the Essential brushes they tend to wear out faster than the Studio because the bristles are thinner, I’ve also have had to glue the brush back together a few times. I would still recommend this brush for someone who does not wear makeup often and at $1 its a deal.

The e.l.f. Studio brushes retail for $3

photo 3

Comparing the e.l.f Studio brushes to the Essential brushes, the Studio brushes tend to last longer and the bristles tend to stay strong. With the Essential brushes everyday usage tends to break them down. Since the release of their Studio line I have been replacing old Essential brushes to Studio. I use my Studio angled blush brush on all my clients and have not had to replace my brush yet.

Overall I feel that e.l.f. provides a very awesome line of makeup brushes and if you have an extra $2 to spend, upgrade to the Studio because they last a lot longer than the Essential.

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