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Makeup Review: Lorac Party Palette

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A few days before New Years I heard the Lorac released a new Ulta exclusive palette, I was excited to run and pick up the Party palette because I’m already a huge fan of their “Glo” palettes. When I walked into Ulta I was a little disappointed to not see a display for this palette, I had to ask the Ulta employee to show me where the palette was. They had the Party palette up by the check out, I was excited to see them there because I was worried that they had sold out.


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I purchased this palette for $24 at Ulta (it’s exclusive so Lorac does not have it posted on their site)

I was excited to see the colors of this palette continue to follow the Glo Palettes but this palette had more shimmer shades than matte.

I used this palette for my New Year’s Eve look.



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