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Makeup Review: Simple Beauty Products

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Simple is a newer product hitting shelves at local stores, these products are sensitive skin friendly and work amazingly!

Eye Makeup Remover: This remover works very well, I used to use Neutrogena’s Oil Free remover and it would leave my eye feeling very oily. Simple is a wonderful remover, it removes all my makeup and makes my face feel nourished afterwords. $7.99

Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes: I tend to have an oily face and when I use this product it removes all the access oil from my face. $6.49

Exfoliating Facial Wipe: A textured wipe that helps remove dirt and makeup from your face. $6.49

Cleaning Facial Wipe: I love this cleaning wipe, it will remove all your makeup and does not leave behind any residue. $6.49

I love Simple brand, I use them for myself and have them in my makeup kit for clients to use, these products can be found at Walgreens.

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