Makeup Review: Wet N Wild Makeup Brushes - Makeup by Keria

Makeup Review: Wet N Wild Makeup Brushes

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This past week I stopped by my local Walgreens, being the makeup hoarder that I am I took a short trip to the cosmetic department. While looking I discovered that Wet N Wild released their own makeup brush line!


Since they were on sale I decided to give these brushes a try, at first the white and pink style got my attention. I also noticed that the brushes have finger groves, my only concern was the part of the brush that appeared to be cardboard. I took these brushes home and used them while I filmed my Youtube Valentine’s look.

I found that the brushes worked very well and held product nicely. The finger grove was a little odd at first but at times very helpful. The cardboard part appears to be thin plastic and not cardboard so I was relieved to notice that.

Over all I would recommend these brushes for anyone on a budget, and they are made cruelty free.

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